DigiCert Validation Procedure

How DigiCert validates Ownership of Domain and Business

After purchasing a certificate from us, DigiCert validation team would contact you and/or the technical contact as indicated in our order form to verify ownership.

(1) Domain Validation Procedure

DigiCert validation team would request you to do one of the following methods for domain validation:

1.Track down a default address (admin, administrator, webaster@yourdomain.com) 

2. Update the whois record so that it shows an email address you do have access to, or if it is set to private, remove the privacy so that it does show an email address you do have access to.

3. Set up a DNS txt record that shows an alternate email address. 

4. Set up a temporary webpage on that base domain (not a subdomain) like yourdomain.com/digicert.html that shows an alternative email: “Demonstration of domain control for DigiCert order #<order id>. Please send the approval email to <email address>.” 

5. Let DigiCert log into the account where the domain is registered to verify control. DigiCert can then send the approval anywhere you like.

(2) Organisation Validation Procedure

DigiCert will validate and check if your company is in good standing. This includes active registration in corporate registries as well as doing background checks on phishing, fraud, anti-terrorism databases.  If DigiCert is unable to verify the company with their sources, you will be requested to create a business profile  with D&B or Google Business.

Once domain and organisation has been validated, DigiCert will send the SSL certificate via email to the technical contact person for installation. Clients can then follow DigiCert’s set of instructions to install or contact Cyber Secure Asia for assistance.

After installation, it is recommended to store the SSL certificate in a secure place as back-up for the future.

At anytime should you have problems with installation, please feel free to contact DigiCert 24/7 support via live chat directly.