DigiCert SSL Plus™ Certificates

Standard Single-Name Certificates

Single-Name SSL Certificates

Everything you expect from an SSL Certificate

Encrypt and authenticate a single domain with DigiCert’s Single-name SSL Certificates, one of the best high assurance organization validation certificates in the market, backed by an extremely competitive price model. Get strong encryption and browser trust with unlimited reissues, unlimited duplicate certificates and an unlimited server license only with DigiCert. An SSL Plus™ certificate for ‘www.yoursite.com’ will also work on ‘yoursite.com’. Only DigiCert Certificates have all the features you expect plus™ more!

2 Years S$209 per year (You Save S$40) BUY RENEW
1 Years S$229   BUY RENEW


Strongest Encryption

Using the best of asymmetric and symmetric encryption, encrypting up to 256 bits and using the SHA-2 algorithm, DigiCert converts all private data into complex impervious code. The high standards of key sizes and unique hybrid cryptosystem make it difficult for third parties to eavesdrop and steal private information thus, preventing man-in-the-middle attacks (MITM).

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Fastest Certificate Issuance

DigiCert typically issues certificates in less than an hour. Behind the scenes, DigiCert validation specialists work 24 hours, 7 days a week to track exactly how long each certificate will be issued. DigiCert can reach out and validate certificates to anyone in no time regardless of time and location. Constantly speeding up the validation process with new advances, DigiCert assures quick turnaround times providing customers’ high assurance and fast issuance SSL certificates with trust.


Increase Conversions

All DigiCert certificates come with a free site deal, proven to increase conversions and gain user trust.

code-signing_09 Reliable Leader trusted in the Industry

Many choose DigiCert as a partner for its up-to-date security solutions covering security for web and email servers, Wifi, the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Direct Exchange of healthcare information.

 24/7 Expertise

Tap onto DigiCert’s team of knowledgeable experts to get answers throughout every step of the certificate management lifecycle. Because DigiCert’s experts work round the clock, you can ask questions any time of the day.

code-signing_17 Unlimited Server License

Unlike other SSL Certificates that is only licensed for one physical server, DigiCert lets you use your SSL Certificate on as many servers as you want. DigiCert has an unlimited server license that gives you the ultimate flexibility in security implementation.

 Trusted by all Browsers

DigiCert is a pioneer with one of the most widely supported root certificates in the industry. Certificates by DigiCert are trusted by all browsers, mail clients, and operating systems.


code-signing_22 Unlimited Free Reissues

DigiCert offers unlimited free reissues if you like to change the domain listed on the certificate, change the organization name that is not listed in the certificate and/or to add, remove or change some of the subject alternative names (SANs) listed in your UC Certificate.


DigiCert® Certificate Utility for Windows

DigiCert customers can use the DigiCert® Certificate Utility for Windows. Use this tool to eliminate the obstacles when generating Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and installing certificates. During the ordering process, all you need is to provide DigiCert with your organization and payment details so that DigiCert can pre-validate your certificate. Once the pre-validation is done, simply click a button in the certificate utility to generate the CSR then install the certificate using the utility express installation. DigiCert® Certificate Utility can also be used to simplify the code signing process.

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Established Certificate Authority

DigiCert has been leading the security market as a trusted Certificate Authority for more than 10 years. DigiCert is the go-to partner for the world’s leading brands and has created innovative solutions for emerging markets such as Certificate Transparency, Directed Exchange of healthcare information, WiFi security, and the Internet of Things (IoT). DigiCert actively participates in CA/Browser Forum, CA Security Council, IETF, Mozilla Forum, NIST and ICANN to share and contribute market information.





Extended Validation Upgrade

Green Bar Assurance

Enhance website security and gain visitor’s trust with the green bar assurance.

  • Green in the address bar (green bar or issuance name, see below)
  • Website owner’s company name in the address bar
  • https:// at the beginning of the domain name
  • Padlock in the address bar
  • Organization information in the certificate details

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Cheaper than symantec
I compared digicert prices with symantec and found that digicert was more reasonably priced that's why I got it. Price wise, nothing much to complain about.
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OV cert
Certificate is organisation validated. Company details can be found in the cert.
Overall Experience
Good follow up
Getting the certificate was fast and they even follow up after purchase. Helped me a lot with troubleshooting and setup. thanks guys.
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Exactly what I need
Needed an SSL certificate and a representative from cyber secure asia came down to explain more on digicert ssl certificate. Got my SSL certificate within a day after the meetup. Great service and support. Will definitely recommend.
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