DigiCert Multi-Domain (SAN) Certificates

Secure Multiple Domains in One Certificate

Multi-Domain (SAN) SSL Certificates

Use Subject Alternative Names (SANs) to Secure Your Entire Environment

Multi-Domain (SAN) SSL Certificates secure up to 25 domains, sites and subdomains with one certificate. The basic multi-domain certificate plan includes four domains and additional domains can be purchased at a separate cost.

With a multi-domain SSL, you can secure

  • www.example.com
  • www.example2.com
  • www.example3.net
  • mail.example.net
  • dev.example2.com

Multi-domain certificates are perfect for Exchange and OCS environments where there is a need to secure multiple names across various domains. 

2 Years S$349 per year Includes 4 names, additional S$109 each BUY RENEW
1 Year S$399 Includes 4 names, additional S$69 each BUY RENEW


Unlimited Server License

DigiCert gives you the flexibility of using the certificates on as many servers as you want with DigiCert’s unlimited server license. Other CA SSL Certificates are only licensed for one physical server, making it difficult to scale when you need to. With DigiCert, you can even generate separate certificates with unique key pairs on each server.

Use a multi-domain certificate to run multiple services such as ‘OWA, ActiveSync, Autodiscovery and Outlook Anywhere’ on one IP address.

1. www.example.com $399 SGD (1-year base price)
2. autodiscover.example.com $0 SGD (included in base price)
3. mail.example.com $0 SGD (included in base price)
4. other.example.com $0 SGD (included in base price)
5. Additional name (optional) $69 SGD (for a 1-year certificate)
TOTAL $399 SGD  


Need to Secure Multiple Domains with EV?



For networks with several domains and subdomains, Multi-Domain (SAN) Certificates would be the ideal selection. However, adding the ‘green bar of assurance’ and ‘green padlock’ to all domains can enhance protection and increase user’s confidence. DigiCert’s Extended Validation Multi-domain certificate offers just that, giving multi-domain the highest level of assurance possible.   

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Cutting-Edge Data Encryption

Using DigiCert’s 2048-bit root certificates with 256-bit symmetric and asymmetric encryption is one of the best ways to protect your website from unwanted intrusion. DigiCert certificates adopt a hybrid cryptosystem supporting both SHA-1 and SHA-2 algorithms to provide the most secure encryption available.

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Perfect Management SolutionUnified_Communications_07


DigiCert Multi-Domain (SAN) Certificates gives you complete control over Subject Alternative Name (SANs) field, allowing you to secure up to 25 domain names with a single SSL Certificate. Simplify management and server configuration by running all services under one IP address so that you can add, change or delete any of the SANs effectively. The perfect solution for the ever-evolving needs of an organization’s network system.  


Unified_Communications_11Improved Customer Engagement

Increase conversion rates by displaying a secure site seal proven to assure visitors of the sites they visit. Users will interact and engage better knowing the site is trusted.

Unified_Communications_13Simplified Maintenance

DigiCert has a wide range of tools to make SSL management easy and simplified even for beginners to SSL certificate.

Unified_Communications_18Free and Effective Tools

DigiCert has developed a list of management tools to help make SSL Certificates installation and monitoring easy. These tools are so powerful, it minimizes time, effort and brains needed to handle security protection. See all tools in the support section of our website.

Unified_Communications_20Fastest Certificate Issuance

Other certificate providers often take days or weeks to issue a certificate. DigiCert validation specialists work 24/7 to issue your certificate in a matter of hours.

Unified_Communications_28Works with Any Browser

DigiCert products are designed to work with any browser. As a leader in SSL certificates, DigiCert is always on the look out to improve its compatibility across multiple platforms.

Unified_Communications_25Unlimited Server License

DigiCert unlimited server license lets you use multi-domain certificate on multiple servers, IP addresses and domains. This feature can only be found with DigiCert as other certificates from other providers are only licensed for one physical server.


DigiCert® Certificate Utility for Windows

DigiCert customers can use the DigiCert® Certificate Utility for Windows. Use this tool to eliminate the obstacles when generating your CSRs and installing your certificates. All you need to provide us with during the ordering process is your organization and payment details then we can pre-validate your certificate. Once the pre-validation is done, just click a button in our certificate utility to generate the certificate signing request (CSR) and then you can install your certificate using the utility’s express feature. You can also use the certificate utility to simplify the code signing process.

Learn more about the tool »


Established Certificate Authority

DigiCert has been leading the security market as a trusted Certificate Authority for more than 10 years. DigiCert is the go-to partner for the world’s leading brands and has created innovative solutions for emerging markets such as Certificate Transparency, Directed Exchange of healthcare information, WiFi security, and the Internet of Things (IoT). DigiCert actively participates in CA/Browser Forum, CA Security Council, IETF, Mozilla Forum, NIST and ICANN to share and contribute market information.




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Good for backend servers
switched from self signed to digicert multi domain certificate, and it's quite fast and simple with csa help.
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One certificate for all our domains
As a MNC we had several domains under our company, .sg, .my, .id, .th, .ph and their UC certificate was the right product to secure our regional business. We just needed to use this certificate and install on the respective servers. We could also duplicate this certificate unlimited times so as to make our server more secure according to them.
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Straight forward
Fill up the order form and receive a call back confirming the order.
Overall Experience
Fast issuance within a day
We had 10 different domains under our company, so this multi-domain certificate seem to be the best fit. Filled up the order form in the morning, receive a follow up call on our order, and got our certificate by noon. Really fast.
Overall Experience
Great service and local support
Was looking for a ssl certificate to encrypt my internal servers and chance upon cyber secure asia on google. I had 4 domains (2 was under a private IP) and wasn't sure which certificate to choose from. A staff some cyber secure asia came down to explain digicert products and provide recommendation for my network infrastructure. What I like about them is their service and local support. The cert works great, thanks!
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