DigiCert Extended Validation EV SSL Certificate

Single-Name SSL Certificates with the Green Address Bar

Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates

Improve Conversion Rates and Customer Confidence with Green Bar Assurance

Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates use the highest level of authentication designed specifically with the intention to boost customer confidence in e-commerce sites. EV SSL Certificates initiate the green address bar and display a prominent secure lock (green padlock) to assure visitors of the site they visit. Every EV SSL certificate application goes through a stringent process of evaluation supported by documentation checks to confirm the ownership and legitimacy of websites.



Green Indicates Trust 

ev ssl certificate

DigiCert adheres to a set of criteria strictly defined by the CA/Browser Forum when validating a website for an EV certificate. 

Upon purchase of an EV certificate, DigiCert’s validation specialists would contact the requesting organization to confirm their request of the certificate and that the person applying is authorized to receive the certificate on behalf of the organization. This is part of the validation process to prevent fraudulent or phishing activities i.e SSL phishing.

DigiCert Validation Process includes:

  • Verifying the legal, physical, and operational existence of the entity
  • Verifying that the identity of the entity matches official records
  • Verifying that the entity has exclusive right to use the domain specified
  • Verifying that the entity has properly authorized the issuance of the certificate


What does EV Look Like?


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To let users know that a website has an EV certificate, browsers show more visual cues for sites secured with EV certificates. EV certificates include the following visual benefits:

  • Green in the address bar (green bar or issuance name, see below)
  • Website owner’s company name in the address bar
  • https:// at the beginning of the domain name
  • Padlock in the address bar
  • Organization information in the certificate details


Advanced Encryption

DigiCert certificates use the most secure encryption available, 2048-bit supporting both SHA-1 and SHA-2 algorithms featuring hybrid cryptosystem; symmetric and asymmetric encryption.   


Increase Conversion Rates

Getting an EV Certificate is extremely worthwhile given the additional features that come along with it. The green URL address bar and the green padlock is a highly valuable asset indicating trust to visitors and is proven to boost visitor confidence, improve engagement, raise brand reputation and increase conversion rates.  

 Online Security Industry Leader 

DigiCert’s single-focus approach towards SSL Certificates has attracted the worlds’ leading brands to use DigiCert’s strong security solutions coupled with exception customer support.

Instant Credibility with a Site Seal

Users like to be assured of the websites they visit. Displaying a site seal provided by DigiCert will instantly gain the recognition you need. In fact, a study concluded that up to 96% of users would abandon their cart if they do not see a trust logo.

 Free Reissues for the Life of Certificate

DigiCert guarantees free reissues any time before your certificate expires. This is unlike other Certificate Authorities that offers limited free reissues of up to only 30 days.

 Fastest Certificate Issuance

DigiCert validation experts work round the clock and can issue EV certificate within a few hours. With other companies, EV certificate issuance might take days, which is a major setback for an organization that is looking to secure their websites as soon as possible.

 Compatible with All Browsers

Having one of the oldest root certificates in the industry, DigiCert SSL Certificates are recognized and trusted by all browsers, mail systems, operating systems and mobile devices.


DigiCert® Certificate Utility for Windows

DigiCert customers can use the DigiCert® Certificate Utility for Windows. Use this tool to eliminate the obstacles when generating Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and installing certificates. During the ordering process, all you need is to provide DigiCert with your organization and payment details so that DigiCert can pre-validate your certificate. Once the pre-validation is done, simply click a button in the certificate utility to generate the CSR then install the certificate using the utility express installation. DigiCert® Certificate Utility can also be used to simplify the code signing process.

Learn more about the tool »


Need to Secure Multiple Domains with EV?

EV SSL Certificate is good for securing websites with a single domain. However, using EV SSL Certificate for multi-domains can get expensive. DigiCert hereby introduces the EV Multi-Domain Certificate; Unified Communications Certificate (UCC) that secures multiple domains with all the benefits of extended validation.

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Green bar looking good on our website
Took about 1-2 days to properly install the ev certificate, but wasn't too difficult if you know what you are doing. We did find some information on the web that helped us along the way + check with cyber secure on compatibility. Feels good having the green bar.
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DigiCert tools are great to use
We run an ecommerce site and wanted to buy EV ssl for the green bar. It's our first time installing ssl and have no idea how to go about installing. The guidance from cyber secure asia helped us alot from start to finish, no regrets going to them.
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Chose because of service
only one we could find with local help on installation.
Overall Experience
The obvious choice!
Partnering with Cyber Secure Asia, was the obvious choice as they are the only cyber security firm that really took the time to understand the needs and stage of our company. The entire installation process was seamlessly supported and executed by Cyber Secure Asia’s team, and integrated perfectly into our system. With the new EV, we received many positive feedback online as people feel that their personal data has been well protected.
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