SSL Certificate Authentication

DigiCert® Secure Site Seal Authentication

ssl certificate authenticationWith purchase of every SSL certificate, a secure site seal will be provided by DigiCert as a visual ‘stamp’ to prove a website’s authenticity. This can be placed anywhere on the website and is often inserted at the homepage or essential pages such as checkout and login.  

Boost Confidence with Visitors

The trusted site seal has been statistically proven to increase trust and confidence among visitors. DigiCert’s site seal gives you an easy way to let your customers know that your site is being secured by DigiCert and their information is safe. And with one click of the seal, your customers can see that DigiCert have assured your identity and has a valid SSL Certificate Authentication.

Many e-commerce, finance and community sites also use site seals to boost customer’s confidence for higher conversions and interaction by integrating SSL Certificate Authentication to their website. 

More than Just a Site Seal. It’s Encryption that Matters

While site seal does provide the authentication needed for visitors, many purchase a SSL certificate for the purpose of encryption. E-commerce sites, for instance, collect a substantial amount of personal data such as name, email, address, phone number and/or credit card details. These data needs to be encrypted to protect customers as well as brand reputation. In any case if an attacker manages to steal data openly from a site, this will affect the site’s reputation negatively.

Types of SSL Certificates

Choosing the right certificate is important to secure all aspects of a network. Understand these 5 core products in SSL Certificates to better secure server communications:

Getting Started

Obtaining your first secure site seal is easy. Simply purchase any DigiCert SSL certificate with Cyber Secure Asia and the seal will be available for download from us.

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