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Wi-Fi Alliance-Compliant OSU Server Certificates

DigiCert Certificates for Wifi Security

Wi-Fi Certified is an international seal for products that meet industry standards for security by DigiCert. In Release 2 of the WiFi Certified Passpoint™ certification program, mobile devices need to use Online Sign-up (OSU) for registration in order to have a secure network access.

DigiCert is one of the three Certificate Authorities (CAs) that is authorized by Wi-Fi alliance for its trusted root certificate to provide Online Sign-up (OSU) server certificates i.e DigiCert SecureWifi certificates.

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DigiCert Difference

Total Solution

Besides providing WiFi certificates for the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Passpoint™ certification program, DigiCert has a broad range of certification solutions for the web, mail and coded softwares.

Industry Thought Leader

DigiCert plays an active role in pushing for higher security standards for the WiFi Alliance. 

 Leading Certificate Authority

DigiCert has over 115,000 customers across 180 countries. Many companies – both big and small – trust DigiCert for their digital security certificates. 

Authorized Solution Provider

DigiCert is one of three authorized Certificate Authority vendor for OSU Server Certificate and is a member of the Wi-Fi Alliance.

How It Works

Service providers looking to get a SecureWifi Certificate must apply from a Certificate Authority (CA) that is authorized by the Wi-Fi Alliance. Currently, there are only 3 CAs authorized, one of which is DigiCert. The service provider will need to go through a validation process to identify themselves as a legitimate provider and once validated, a certificate will be issued.

For service providers, they will need to install the certificate in their OSU server and encryption will be activated during the online signup process.

Let’s say Jane is at a cafe and is trying to access WiFi Hotspot from her mobile device, a list of available service providers will be made available to her. Jane’s device will automatically check through every service providers’ OSU server for a certificate and will then check on the validity of the certificates. For authenticated providers, a logo and/or a friendly name will appear next to their names to indicate that the server is trusted by a third-party.

All these is possible because of the Secure Wi-Fi Certificate – containing the logo and friendly name – installed on the service provider’s OSU server, as well as her device that is certified for Passpoint 2.0. In her device, it contains a root certificate that allows the device to know if the Secure WiFi certificate on the OSU is genuine.

Knowing which providers are safe to use, Jane can select one with confidence. Choosing a provider that displays the logo and/or a friendly name will start a session that is fully encrypted protecting all her login details and payment information as it passes through to the OSU server. Once the signup process is complete, the session with the service provider ends and Jane can continue to surf the net as per normal through the access point.

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