Exchange 2013 SSL Certificate Guide

Exchange 2013 SSL Security Certificate




What’s the DigiCert Difference for Exchange 2013 SSL?

When you order a Unified Communications Certificate from DigiCert, you can secure all the SAN names you need with one easily manageable certificate. Our easy-to-use account management tools make it easy for you to reissue and duplicate your certificates at no additional cost. You can also add, edit, or change the names on your certificates without the headaches or hassles.

Our award-winning support team is second to none and ready to help you secure your Exchange Server services. As one of the few certificate authorities recommended by Microsoft for UC Certificates, you know you’re in good hands.

What’s New in Exchange 2013?

With the release of Exchange 2013, Microsoft has introduced new features to help increase the security, productivity, and efficiency of your organization. Exchange 2013 builds on the same architecture of Exchange 2010 while simplifying its scalability to help you meet your needs.

UC Certificates from DigiCert will help you secure your server and take advantage of its new features with as little hassle as possible. Our CSR creation and certificate installation instructions will help you get started, and our support team is also available to help you at no additional charge

Is DigiCert Compatible With All My Browsers & Servers?

SSL Certificates from DigiCert are compatible with all major browsers, mail clients, servers, and mobile operating systems.

What Kind of Certificate Should I Use with Exchange 2013 SSL?

Unified Communication (UC) Certificates are the most popular SSL product for encrypting Exchange 2013.

UC Certificates make it possible to secure multiple names with one certificate. Please contact support if you need help determining what names you need on your certificate.

DigiCert was one of the few to offer the UC Certificate. They were designed to specifically deal with the certificate needs presented by Exchange Server.

3 Years S$339 per year Includes 4 names, additional
S$139 each (Best Value)
2 Years S$349 per year Includes 4 names, additional S$109 each BUY RENEW
1 Years $319 Includes 4 names, additional S$69 each BUY RENEW