Document Signing Certificate

Digital signatures for Adobe PDF, MS Office, and more

DigiCert Document Signing Certificates

Digital signatures for Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office, and more


Digitally sign your documents with DigiCert Document Signing Certificates – suitable for Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice and LibreOffice.

A USB hardware token for two-factor authentication will be given with every purchase of document signing certificate.  With 2FA, your recipients will know that in no way can the document be altered. DigiCert Document Signing complies with Singapore Electronic Transactions Act (Chapter 88), making document signing legally binding. What’s more,  many international laws now cover the use digital signatures, making it cross-border friendly. 


gearsHow it Works

First, purchase a DigiCert Document Signing Certificate with us as an individual or as an organization. We will then send you a USB token with your certificate pre-installed. Next, simply open your document in Adobe Acrobat, MS Office, OpenOffice or LibreOffice and follow the instruction prompts to sign a document. 


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check Flexibility. Sign Adobe PDFs, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, and LibreOffice documents.
check Two-Factor authentication. One of the things that make DigiCert Document Signing more secure than simple e-signatures is the two-factor authentication provided by the requirement of both a password and an encrypted USB token.
check Long-lasting. Digital signature created by DigiCert’s Document Signing certificates never expire. Adobe PDFs can include a time stamp by default, and it is possible to time stamp other document formats.
check Customization. You control the appearance of your digital signature with the ability in Adobe Acrobat to change its size, placement, font, and even add graphics.
check Ready to go. Digitally sign your documents right inside your favorite editing software.
check No compromises. As always, every product from DigiCert comes with our complimentary award-winning customer support and a satisfaction guarantee.


Document-Signing-Certificates_03Fast Validation and Issuance 

DigiCert validates and issues document signing certificate in the shortest possible time.


DigiCert Document Signing Certificates comes with a whole load of features, making it inexpensive compared to the competition in the market.

Document-Signing-Certificates_13Increased Trust

DigiCert Document Signing is well-known in the industry, assuring each signature is authentic. Clients would be confident when they see DigiCert.

Document-Signing-Certificates_10Easy to Use

DigiCert Document Signing requires no training. The intuitive GUI makes it easy for you to sign documents with a few clicks. Simply follow the prompts that come along the way.

Document-Signing-Certificates_18Peace of Mind

DigiCert has been providing digital certificates for established companies such as Facebook, Sony, IBM, HP, Intel and Microsoft. Without a doubt, DigiCert has the expertise and knowledge when it comes to securing the integrity of documents.

Document-Signing-Certificates_21Legally Binding

DigiCert Document Signing complies with the Singapore Electronic Transactions Act (Chapter 88) and other international laws, making documents legally binding. Now, you’ll be able to sign anything from contracts, invoices to agreements.

Document-Signing-Certificates_26Improved Efficiency

With DigiCert Document Signing, you can forget about printing, signing and scanning. You’ll be able to sign and send documents faster thereby reducing business costs and work more efficiently.

Document-Signing-Certificates_29Proof of Identity

A digital signature is a confirmation to say that the document has been signed by you and that in no way has it been altered.


DigiCert Document Signing is compatible with top document programs



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