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Authenticate Codes to Prevent Warning Messages

Software developers use digital certificates to digitally sign a program to show that there are no third-party malware or viruses and that it is legitimate software. Unlike purchasing from a retail store which is typically considered safe, programs downloaded online are often treated with suspicion. Using a code signing certificate from DigiCert on your program can prevent unnecessary warning messages and instill trust on users. 


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EV Code Signing


Digitally Sign Software with Extended Validation

Product Information
Pricing As low as S$239/yr As low as S$439/yr
Compatible with all major platforms check check
Two-factor authentication using hardware token   check
Re-key certificate for free during entire validity period check check
Encrypted Digital Signature check check
Instant Reputation with Microsoft Smartscreen Filter   check

$239 SGD
(per year, three year term)


$439 SGD
(per year, three year term)


Protect Your Code
with a Digital Signature


As a software developer sincerely looking into safe use and distribution of programs, code signing can help you. Digitally signing a code helps customers make informed choices knowing that their download is safe and authentic. It protects your reputation as a developer and results in more download and usage. Ultimately, that is what you want as a software developer.

DigiCert code signing certificates are compatible with all common platforms. This includes Adobe Air, Authenticode, JAR Files, Kernel Mode Drivers, OS X Apps, and VBA Scripts for Office 2010.

Code Signing Certificates

Digital Authentication for
Trusted Software


  • Protects your code
  • Prevents unnecessary warning messages
  • Increases user confidence and security


EV Code Signing Certificates

The Gold Standard for Authentication and Security


  • Establish reputation with SmartScreen
  • Extended validation verification
  • Prevents unnecessary warning messages




Code Signing Certificate

Users are afraid of Spywares, malware and viruses. If a warning messages pop up, they are likely to close the application. Unsigned codes often prompt such messages, frightening users and causing them to discontinue download and installation.

Using code signing certificate prevents this and gives you ownership of your program with a digital signature. Now users can have the same level of trust as with software in CD-ROMs from a retail store. .


pack2_1Extended Validation (EV) Code Signing


EV code signing adds the rigorous extended validation process to the standard code signing certificate giving your software the additional boost in confidence and helps establish your reputation with Microsoft’s SmartScreen® Application Reputation filter. Because of DigiCert partnership with Microsoft®, all software signed with a DigiCert EV code signing certificate immediately establishes a reputation in Windows® 8 and Internet Explorer® 9 and 10.