DigiCert Certificate Utility Tool

Easy One Click CSR Generation

About the DigiCert Certificate Utility

SSL & Code Signing Certificate Management Made Easy


Not everyone is familiar with generating Certificate Signing Request (CSR). To simplify the process, DigiCert created an easy to use tool – DigiCert Certificate Utility for Windows – to complete the task. This tool generates CSR for DigiCert SSL and Code Signing products, the best part is it’s completely free!


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Certificate Utility Overview


Easy One-Click CSR Creation and Certificate Installation

CSR creation and installation is part of the SSL process to get your servers encrypted. However, many times users face difficulties completing the process because they are not well-verse or experience in the protocol. For that reason, DigiCert added an automated CSR and certificate installation features to their utility. After purchasing a certificate and going through the validation process, clients can make use of the utility tool to generate CSR and submit it to DigiCert. A certificate will then be issued and clients can then install the certificate,  all within this tool.


Simple Code Signing & Application Signing

As a developer, the last thing you want to worry about is the cumbersome process behind signing your software with a code signing certificate. Luckily, DigiCert’s free to use certificate utility tool transforms this process into a smooth sailing procedure by giving you the benefit of navigating to the file you wish to sign with a click of a button. 



DigiCert Utility Features

The DigiCert Certificate Utility makes it easy for you to perform the most common certificate management tasks like:

  • Install certificates with a single click
  • Generate a CSR for your order
  • Re-install certificates in one click
  • Find SSL Certificates on your server
  • View certificate details
  • Copy certificates between servers
  • Renew certificates
  • Fix intermediate certificate chain errors
  • Edit certificate friendly names
  • Verify certificate chains
  • Install certificates to pending requests
  • Test certificates
  • Delete certificates
  • Sign or re-sign code or software
  • Sign applications with a single click
  • Sign drivers and other system files
  • Verify signed applications
  • Time stamp applications
  • Repair private key errors
  • Automate application signing