DigiCert Tools

List of DigiCert Tools available with a DigiCert Account

DigiCert SSL Certificate Tools and Utilities

When you purchase any DigiCert certification products, a DigiCert account will be created for you. DigiCert accounts allows you to take control of your own certificates by simplifying installation and making certificate management easy with a few clicks of the button. 

See below on a list of DigiCert Tools available:


CertCentral (Beta)

DigiCert CertCentral™ is an innovative platform created to consolidate certificate monitoring, SSL deployment, certificate inspection, and PKI management.

  • Monitoring – Global certificate issuance alerts and phishing detection.
  • Inspection – SSL Inventory across internal and external networks, vulnerability detection.
  • Management – Instant certificate issuance, customizable workflows, streamlined certificate management.
  • Deployment – Simplified SSL installation, automatic configuration, multi-server platform support.

Certificate Inspector

Installing and managing the hundreds of SSL Certificates in a typical enterprise environment strains the resources of even the most experienced IT team. While TLS/SSL provides critical security for your network, serious security risks are introduced if some of those certificates are improperly installed or configured, creating hidden vulnerabilities. Certificate Inspector helps you:

  • Discover all of the certs throughout your enterprise and examine them for weaknesses.
  • Assign each certificate and endpoint a letter grade along with a report on potential vulnerabilities.
  • Run business intelligence-style reports on your entire certificate landscape.
  • View detailed instructions that will improve your grades and eliminate weaknesses.
  • Renew your certificate using one easy step with Express Install.

SSL Discovery Tool

Over time, networks tend to accumulate a wide assortment of SSL Certificates. Potential vulnerabilities begin to appear as these certificates expire or the servers change functions, unknown by the admins managing the network. The free SSL Discovery Tool from DigiCert allows you to:

  • Scan your network to identify all of the certificates in use.
  • Learn expiration dates and the names of the issuing Certificate Authorities.
  • Avoid the dangers of manually tracking all of your certs.

Certificate Utility for Windows

The DigiCert Certificate Utility for Windows is a valuable tool for admins managing SSL or Code Signing Certificates. It automates most of the pain points while getting a certificate, including creating and uploading the CSR. This tool provides:

  • Automatic CSR creation and one-click installation.
  • The ability to manage, troubleshoot, and repair certificates.
  • Code signing with the click of a button, even allowing you to sign batches of files.
  • Verification that the code was signed correctly before passing it along.


SSL Installation Diagnostics Tool 

The SSL Installation Diagnostics Tool allows you to simply type in the name of your server and quickly ascertain if the SSL Certificate on it has been properly installed and configured. Other features let you:

  • Locate specific installation problems that are preventing proper function of the certificate.
  • Examine which cipher suites are supported, along with other certificate details including expiration date.
  • Check for the Heartbleed Bug vulnerability.

Internal Name Tool for Microsoft Exchange

If you are running a Microsoft Exchange environment, you are likely facing the dilemma of needing to alter some of your SSL Certificates because of new restrictions on internal names. The Internal Name Tool helps you:

  • Safely reconfigure your Exchange servers to remove internal names.
  • Minimize downtime while reconfiguring your Exchange servers.
  • Make sure that you don’t overlook small configuration settings that could disrupt your users.

CSR Generators

Prior to ordering an SSL Certificate you need to create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) to send to DigiCert. DigiCert provides handy CSR Generators for all major server types that automate the CSR generation process.

SHA-1 Sunset Tool 

The DigiCert SHA-1 Sunset Tool helps you find all of your SHA-1 SSL Certificates and replace them with SHA-2 certificates. The tool allows you to:

  • Find all SHA-1 certificates on a given domain and any subdomains.
  • Find out when your certificates expire.
  • See what warnings will appear in Google Chrome.
  • Replace SHA-1 certificates with a DigiCert SHA-2 certificate for free.