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DigiCert Background

DigiCert, a US based Certificate Authority (CA) has been providing and specializing in SSL certificates and management tools for more than 10 years. In comparison with other CAs – where they provide many other products unrelated to SSL encryption – DigiCert focus its efforts in creating and supporting the best digital certificates for the market. Knowing this, customers can be assured of the best quality when it comes to digital certificates from DigiCert as well as unparalleled support.  

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DigiCert Customers

DigiCert is renowned in the market for providing digital certificates to over 115,000 customers across 180 different countries. Customers of DigiCert come from every industry, from general business, e-commerce to the government. No matter how small or big a company may be, DigiCert commits itself to the same level of service and assurance. It is no wonder thousands of organizations – including Facebook, Intel, Paypal and IBM – all trust DigiCert for its digital certificates.

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Thought Leader

DigiCert puts itself at the front line when it comes to advancing SSL technology. As a founding and contributing member of CA/Browser forum, DigiCert assisted in the development of the now well-known Extended Validation (EV) certificate. DigiCert also worked progressively with Microsoft to develop and market the use of Subject Alternative Names in SSL Certificates. In addition, DigiCert made the effort to ensure their OCSP/CRL latency times are 3x faster than that of their competitors. These are some examples where DigiCert outshines its competitors as a leader.

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5-Star Reviews

DigiCert is proud to have earned a 5-star rating on SSLShopper.com – an independent site that rates Certificate Authorities. The 5-star rating covers DigiCert for its great customer support, ease of managing certificates, fast issuance speed and overall customer satisfaction.