SSL Certificates for Tomcat Servers

Tomcat Server SSL Solutions from DigiCert

DigiCert SSL certificates are used by many Tomcat Servers administrators because of DigiCert’s resource when it comes to Tomcat SSL installations. DigiCert has a CSR Tool specifically for Tomcat to generate a keytool command that simply requires you to copy and paste the command directly into your terminal.

All SSL Certificates from DigiCert are compatible with Tomcat Servers – with unlimited reissues and unlimited installation on multiple servers.

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 SSL Plus Certificates

SSL Certificate that secures one domain name, with and without the ‘www’.

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 EV Certificates

Extended Validation (EV) Certificate secures a single domain and instill trust on visitors with the green bar  of assurance. Many e-commerce, financial industries and government bodies use EV certificate to assure their visitors of their site legitimacy.

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 Multi-Domain (SAN) Certificates

Multi-Domain Certificate is a certificate that can secure several domains and sub-domains.This gives the administrator ultimate flexibility when it comes to managing certificates.  

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ev multi domain EV Multi-Domain Certificates

EV Multi-Domain Certificates is recommended for companies that have several domains and sub-domains under its management. An added feature to EV Multi-Domain Certificates is that the company registered will have its name displayed on all domains and  sub-domains – to prove that it is legitimate company within a country.

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 Wildcard SSL Certificates

Wildcard SSL Certificate secures a base domain and its relevant sub-domains. Registering * would allow for unlimited encryption on, and more!

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