Internet of Things

Securing Devices of the Future

Internet of Things (IoT) Security

Protect Sensitive Information on Inter-Connected Devices

It is said that by 2020, an approximate 25 billion devices will be link to the Internet of Things (IoT). As IoT becomes more prevalent in our lives, there is an increasing need to implement security solutions to prevent third-party invasion and attacks.

PKI Solution from DigiCert is a trusted and proven platform for securing the Internet of Things. The use of digital security certificates is an expansible solution, securing thousands or millions of connected devices.


Security Features

Smart devices have work brilliantly over the past decade to improve our lives. But with new technology comes new security threats – securing new devices is therefore crucial these days in preventing attacks. Learn more about DigiCert IoT security solution features.

Encryption & Authentication

PKI solution from DigiCert is able to encrypt and authenticate all information transmitted to the network, effectively securing your customer’s data and information.

Market Ready

DigiCert IoT platform is built to scale and is currently used by large manufacturers in many industries – from smart devices to healthcare and the media – making it a trusted and proven solution.

Scalable with High Assurance

DigiCert certificates is scalable to suit the needs of enterprise clients. Whether is it thousands or millions of devices, DigiCert is able to provide security without any compensating on its top quality assurance.  

Client Synergy

DigiCert works closely with clients to understand their network infrastructure and tailor an IoT security solution that best works for them. This collaborative approach is what sets DigiCert apart from others when it comes to device security. 


PKI: A Proven Solution for IoTproven-pki

Smart Device Security Made Easy

Digital certificates and PKI have been in used for more than 20 years for its ability to secure information over the internet. As an industry leader, DigiCert is always leading security innovations with simplified management tools, making smart device security easy.


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