Maximum Security with EV Multi-Domain Certificate

Friday, September 25, 2015

Go Green for Maximum Security with EV Multi-Domain Certificate

Business owners operating on a regional scale (with different domain names) will need to find solutions that are able to cater to their needs of protecting multiple domains.

For instance, a company operating in Singapore and in Indonesia will need to secure “” as well as “”. These are, in essence, two different domain names despite belonging to the same company. As such, instead of purchasing individual SSL certifications for both (or more) domains, the company will have to look for another product alternative that offers one certification, but with the capacity to secure several unique domains. This is where Multi-Domain certification comes into the picture.

What is a Multi-Domain certification and what are its benefits?

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A Multi-Domain certificate is a certificate that allows businesses to secure several domains with just one certificate. This type of certificate employs the use of Subject Alternative Names (SANs) to protect a primary domain as well as other related domains.

With SAN, the business owner will have the flexibility to include any “internal network names as well as external domain names”, giving them full control over the administration of their business certifications. In this way, businesses are given the freedom to add or remove any domain names. This will proof useful in the event business operations grow or closes in any parts of the world. In other words, the UC certificates protects only the domains that you want. Thus, the business owner will not have to keep buying or canceling any certifications on the back of any operational changes in the company.

Other than providing freedom from administrative work, a Multi-Domain certification has positive impact on the costs of the company. Buying individual certifications to cover a cluster of unique domains will be more expensive compared to investing in one certificate that does the same job. This will allow the company to spend time and money on areas other than operational costs, allowing better allocation of budget to investments that helps promote growth and increase sales, for instance.

However, the most obvious benefit that comes from this type of certification will be their capability to be issued an Extended Validation (EV) certificate – the green bar. This affects the consumers positively on so many different levels. Here is how it works.

Green for “Go” – The benefits of an EV Multi-Domain Certification

EV certification is only attributed to domains that has undergone strict audit review. As such, stringent checks will be made to ensure that the business actually exists physically and is recognised by the relevant local organisation such as ACRA.

The best sense of security that the EV certificate can offer its users is through visual cues via the padlock and green bar display. While this may seem to be something small and almost inconsequential (I hear you. Why pay more “just for the green thing”, right?), studies has proven that such visual prompts provides users with an immediate sense of security.

Quick visual cues will lead to quick decisions. Customers that feel safe on your domain will spend more time browsing the websites and are more willing to conduct transactions with your business. This is a crucial point for e-businesses who wish to enjoy quick sales conversion rates, as well as businesses who wish for customers to actually proceed through the website and buy something. Green, for these users, means “go” and studies have shown that while the average user does not “know much about security, they trust the padlock and green bar when shopping online”. According to a study by CA Security in April 2015, this was what they have found:

  • 53% recognise the padlock as adding trust
  • 42% understand green bar means more safety

Given that, according to the same study, the average shopper spends 60% of their money online, this is certainly a good reason to invest in EV certification. As Robin Aldern from CA Security Council says, “Validation matters. Without the padlock symbol, the organisations name, and the green bar, consumers are left to trust the online merchant exclusively, and only a minority is comfortable with that.” 

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