Knowing the Strength of an SSL Certificate

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

ssl encryptionSSL encryption technology used by SSL Certificates is extremely complex, especially one by DigiCert where its base standard starts with a 2048-Bit RSA key. RSA is a cryptosystem used for securing data transmission and introduces 2 types of keys – a public key and a private key. The science behind SSL encryption is an algorithm called Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC). In order to break or crack the SSL encryption, hackers would first need to identify where the keys exist. Even so, decrypting the RSA ciphertext would require unimaginable human brain capabilities. Possibly even the need for artificial intelligence hacking, one that may not even exist.

Cracking SSL encryption is almost impossible

If we were to use the most up-to-date technology, and even to the extent of using future computing technology (which you might have seen in sci-fi movies), cracking an SSL encryption will still be nearly impossible. To add on to that, massive costs is needed to crack an SSL encryption. In fact, DigiCert mentions that just the energy consumption that is needed to crack the encryption would total up to $8 octodecillion dollars – that alone is only the energy cost of running the machines. Imagine adding the cost of machines and facilities needed to place these machines, you’ll be broke even before you see any crack in the SSL.

Cracking exist but insignificant

Having said that, there is still a small possibility of cracking an SSL encryption. In July 2015, researchers from Tel Aviv University’s Laboratory for Experimental Information Security in Israel experimented to extract private keys by using electromagnetic waves. To their success, they were able to pick up electromagnetic signals from a target computer and decipher meaning from them, hence breaking all forms of encryption being made between 2 parties. As alarming as this may seem,this should not be a cause of concern as this experiment only works offline and at most, a maximum tested distance of 50cm – that’s merely an arms length from your computer, which would be easily identifiable for a random object that sits around.

DigiCert SSL Certificates are trusted by Reputable Companies

DigiCert uses only the strongest known SSL encryption technology for its SSL Certificates so that customers will be able to communicate safely through the internet. The ECC algorithm likewise is continually developed and DigiCert is always on the frontline when it comes to security innovation. What’s more, DigiCert prides itself in excellent customer support, making thousands of organizations – including Facebook, Paypal, IBM and Intel – trust DigiCert when it comes to digital certificates for their encryption needs.

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