Fix HTTPS Errors with Google’s Security Panel in DevTools

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Experienced an error or red cross mark on your website’s https icon? Google’s new security panel in Chrome 48 tells you the root cause of the problem so that you can look to fix all https error to achieve the green padlock.

Great news for web developers and admins who are unequipped with network security knowledge. Google has just introduced a new security panel in DevTools to guide and demystify connection errors that are preventing websites from displaying the green padlock. This is part of Google’s effort towards making deployment for HTTPS Everywhere easier.

security panel devtools

Image Source: Google

Troubleshooting SSL/TLS Problems Instantly

With the security panel, administrators are now able to view the root cause of the problem immediately on Google Chrome by clicking on the prompt below the error message. This was unlike before where no clear information was given for displaying an error message. This tool is a great complement to SSL/TLS installation in web servers.

google security

Image Source: Google

How to Access the Security Panel

To access Google’s new security panel, first ensure you are using Chrome version 48.

1. You can check this information by clicking this google tab button on the top right-hand corner of the browsers > Help > About Google Chrome

about google chrome

2.If updated to latest version 48, click on the green padlock or https. A dropdown will be prompted displaying brief information on the connection security.

cyber secure asia

3.By clicking on details, the security panel will then show up

google security panel

The Google security panel will guide you as a web developer and prompt adjustments required to secure all connections.

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