DigiCert SSL Certificate Compatibility

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

SSL Certificates issued by DigiCert, leading enterprise-class high-assurance SSL Certificate provider, supports major browsers in both PC and mobile devices. This flexibility and compatibility assist IT managers in securing their websites efficiently.

major browser compatibility

When you purchase an SSL Certificate, whether or not the SSL Certificate supports every possible PC and mobile browser that your customers use in their devices, is a key to obtaining trust from your various customers.

DigiCert SSL Certificates supports major browsers and operating systems. Your customers will see https:// in their devices and know that the website he/she currently visits is highly secured. DigiCert thinks that all customers accessing websites should experience a highly secured trusted connection and strives for 100% trusted compatibility with every browser and operating system. Furthermore, many people tend to use a mobile device such as a smartphone and a tablet to access the Internet. Recently, DigiCert has also made it a top priority to ensure compatibility with every major mobile device.

The following list guides you what browsers and operating systems are compatible with DigiCert SSL Certificates. As new updates are released, DigiCert continues to stay on top of security requirements and DigiCert SSL Certificates will always remain trusted by major platforms. Variety of the SSL Certificate compatibility is a key competitive advantage of DigiCert.

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Supported Browsers
•AOL 5+
•Camino 1.0+
•Firefox 1.0+
•Internet Explorer 5+
•Konqueror 2.2.1+
•Mozilla 7.0+
•Netscape 4.5+
•Opera 5+
•Sony Playstation
•Nintendo Wii
Supported Mobile Browser
•ACCESS NetFront
•Amazon Silk
•Android Browser
•Dolphin HD
•Fennec Alpha
•Firefox Mobile
•Internet Explorer (All Windows Devices)
•Opera Mini
•Opera Mobile
•RIM BlackBerry
•Safari (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch)
•Sony PlayStation Portable
Supported Operating Systems
•BlackBerry OS
•Chrome OS
•Mac OS X
•Palm OS
•Palm WebOS
•SUSE Linux
•Windows (all versions)
•Windows CE
•Windows Mobile
•Windows Phone 7
•Windows Phone 8
•Windows Server (all versions)

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