DigiCert Review: No Doubt, the Best Customer Support in SSL

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

This is an independent review submitted by Brandon See.

I was looking for a DigiCert provider in Singapore after reading countless of positive reviews online.

Through Cyber Secure Asia (CSA), their partner in Singapore & Asia, I got to purchase a basic SSL certificate, DigiCert SSL Plus Certificate.

My purchase came with a DigiCert account that allowed me to use DigiCert tools and support services which were really good, especially for a beginner handling SSL certificate purchase and installation. I’ve used DigiCert support many times asking for help through their different support lines and the service level has been consistent throughout.

(1) DigiCert Live Chat Support

One of the most frequently used tools I use is the live chat function, mainly because it’s fast, direct and straightforward. This saves me the time of looking up for answers. Even though DigiCert doesn’t have all the instructions you’d need for installation, they do make an effort in finding the answers for you. They are really nice as well, with the intro and ending greetings every time I start a conversation.

digicert live chat

Live Chat Link: https://www.digicert.com/link/chat.php

(2) DigiCert Email Support

I love using DigiCert’s Certificate Inspector Tool to inspect all the certificates I have installed in my servers after being introduced to this by Cyber Secure Asia, and mostly use it to help fix endpoint vulnerabilities. However, one time it stopped working, so I thought I should report the issue to their support team via email to DigiCert email support.

Email Sent:

digicert email support

And guess what? DigiCert replies within 15 minutes via email. 

Email Reply:

digicert email

The issue was with the link generated from the software application. But after trying it once again, it worked well. Glad their support team run a check and advise me what to do next. They are also very open to answering any questions you have on SSL certificates and installation procedures.

Email Support: support@digicert.com

(3) Direct Toll-Free Support Line

From what I understand, some CAs use the same telephone line for both sales and technical support, making it frustrating to speak with the right person. But with DigiCert, they have a dedicated phone number to attend to all technical queries.

DigiCert Technical Support Number: +1-800-896-7973
DigiCert US Sales Number: +1-801-701-9600

Cyber Secure Asia Sales Number (For Asia Customers): +65 6248 0858

DigiCert technical support operates 24/7 and it doesn’t matter what time you’re implementing the SSL certificate because someone will definitely attend to you throughout the day. I’m glad I got DigiCert without much hesitation and the reviews I’ve seen online are indeed true to its words.

brandon see

About Brandon See

Brandon See is a technopreneur working on his own startup in Singapore since 2015. His company is a client of Cyber Secure Asia and is satisfied with DigiCert technical and customer support. 

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