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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

cert inspectorFree and simple to use tool by DigiCert to analyze Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates on servers and for detecting open vulnerabilities in SSL. The Certificate Inspector tool is one of several tools developed by DigiCert to provide easy certificate management for security administrators and owners.

This article is written for administrators who have installed SSL in their servers and are looking for a suitable tool to collectively inspect and monitor their digital certificates, regardless of enterprise size.

How the DigiCert Certificate Inspector Tool came about

SSL certificates if not installed or configured properly poses a high-security risk. Continually over the years, white-hat researchers in the field have uncovered vulnerabilities in the public-private key cryptosystem, aiming to push for improvements behind the technology used in cryptography. That in turn, has resulted in the crossover to Transport Layer Security (TLS), leaving old protocols vulnerable.

Since there has been no better technology to encrypt online communications, IT security administrators are left with the task of disabling vulnerabilities in SSL technology, as a precautionary move and effort to prevent cyber attackers from exploiting SSL weakness.

For that DigiCert, a globally-trusted American Certificate Authority (CA), has developed a free-to-use tool – the DigiCert Certificate Inspector – to help administrators both big and small to manage their certificate and discover SSL vulnerabilities better.

About DigiCert Certificate Inspector

DigiCert Certificate Inspector is a cloud base tool supporting Microsoft Windows and Linux to enable you to analyze your SSL certificates comprehensively and easily. This tool highlights vulnerabilities and also suggests you remedial measures as the results of the analysis.

Key features of the tool include:

  • Discovering all certificates in use throughout a company/organization and examines for weaknesses.
  • Assigns each certificate and endpoint a letter grade along with a report on potential vulnerabilities ranging from A Grade (you security level is great and you can keep up the great work) to F Grade (your security level is unacceptable and you should fix problems immediately).
  • Runs a dashboard on your entire certificate landscape.
  • Shows detailed instructions that will improve your grades and eliminate weaknesses.
  • Renews your certificate using one easy step with Express Install.

digicert certificate inspector
DigiCert Certificate Inspector Dashboard

Nicholas Hales, CEO of DigiCert, explained that “By providing actionable information about certificate configuration and deployment status, combined with remediation tools, DigiCert helps organizations close the gap between certificate procurement and secure certificate deployment”. Hales added, “The deployment of securely configured certificates is an important line of defense against unwelcome surveillance. Certificate Inspector will help organizations shine a light on the areas within their network that could pose lurking threats. We believe that this tool can build upon the efforts of others in the security community to improve online trust in a new, tangible way.”

DigiCert Certificate Inspector is a one of a kind reporting and diagnostics tool used by thousands of administrators in the cyber security industry.

Instructions for Accessing The Tool

To embark on the DigiCert Certificate Inspector tool, you would first need to own a DigiCert account. For existing clients under DigiCert, you should already have an account that grants you full access to DigiCert’s full suite of featured tools. For new visitors, you will be prompted to create a DigiCert account.

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If you have suggestions for the DigiCert Certificate Inspector tool, please feel free to email feedback@digicert.com.

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