Benefits of Displaying a Secure Site Seal on Your Website

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A secure site seal is a label provided by a trusted third-party authority to acknowledge that your website is safe. Every Certificate Authority (CA) has their own site seal and is issued to users for using their SSL product on your website.

A site seal is proven to have the following benefits:

1. Gain Immediate Confidence & Recognition from New Visitors

As they say, “ the first impression counts, and you’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression”. If your objective is to engage new users on your website, you’ll need to leave a lasting impression. Having a fanciful web design helps but if you can’t afford to pay thousands of dollars to a media agency to craft the perfect look, your next best bet is to make your site look safe. Primarily, you should have an SSL certificate installed on your web server – where all connections run on HTTPS with a green padlock displayed – as visitors enter your website and accompany this by displaying the secure site seal provided by your CA provider prominently on your web page. Having this on your homepage can encourage users to engage with your content, knowing that your site is safe.

ev certificate

Remember, new users coming to your website do not know you or your brand thus, they are unlikely to trust you. 

2. Higher Conversion Rates

If you own an e-commerce site, displaying the site seal on the home and checkout page can motivate visitors to complete a sales purchase from their shopping basket. We’ve experimented with this ourselves and you can see the contrasting difference with and without displaying the seal.

Without Secure Site Seal in Checkout Page

ssl checkout

With Secure Site Seal in Checkout Page

digicert trust seal

A study also confirmed that trust seals are a critical factor in deciding whether or not to trust a website, with most participants (up to 48%) saying that a trust seal can reassure them. It’s said that the trust seal indirectly affects a shopper’s psychology towards decision making.

3. Higher Retention Rate

retain customers

Image Source: Petovera

In any business, acquiring a new customer is only the first step towards success. Ultimately, you want to convert customers into returning customers and hopefully, get them to become evangelists of your brand. While displaying a site seal doesn’t magically does that, it retains customers knowing that they can always purchase from your website again.     

Which Site Seal Should You Get?

Choosing a known site seal is important such that visitors can immediately recognise the credibility of your website. DigiCert® Secure Site Seal is one such example that is widely used by leading companies around the world such as Facebook, IBM and Paypal.

DigiCert is amongst the top CA for high-assurance digital certificates that promise a minimum organisation validation. By displaying their seal of trust, visitors will know that your website is trusted by a reputable third-party authority.

How Can You Get the DigiCert® Secure Site Seal?

1. Purchase an SSL Certificate

Before you can use the DigiCert® Secure Site Seal, you’ll need to purchase a DigiCert SSL certificate. If you are located in Asia, Cyber Secure Asia provides local support and local pricing to make encryption security more affordable for you. Choose an SSL certificate that provides the most value to you.

2. Within your SSL Order, you can choose the design of the site seal you like

digicert seal

After making a DigiCert SSL purchase, you will be provided a DigiCert account for free. And within the certificate order, you can customize different variations of the DigiCert® Secure Site Seal that matches the best look on your website.

3. Install the Javascript & HTML file in your website

After customization, all you need to do is copy and paste the HTML and JavaScript Code in your website’s HTML document at an appropriate location and position of your choice. It will be best to display the seal in a prominent spot that captures the eye of visitors when they visit.

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