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santa claus

The Santa Claus of the Internet

25 December, 2015

As we celebrate Christmas this 2015, let’s not forget the joy the World Wide Web (WWW) has brought us from bridging the gap between boundaries to… Read more

website insurance

Website Insurance: What are the Options?

23 December, 2015

After developing the perfect website for your business, the last thing you want to happen is for your website to crash, and for customer data to… Read more

fed rate hike

Fed rate hike is bad news for cybersecurity

21 December, 2015

One thing for sure about the United States’ Federal Reserve raising interest rates is that there will be a spillover across industries, including a rather hot… Read more


SHAppening SSL Certificate to SHA-2

18 December, 2015

For websites with SSL certificate installed, it’s time to start migrating SHA-1 certificate to SHA-2. SHA (Secure Hashing Algorithm) is a cryptographic hash function that generates… Read more

Online Certificate Status Protocol

Compare SSL Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP)

16 December, 2015

Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) is an internet protocol that works synchronously backend as you access a site that is https secured. OCSP is activated the… Read more

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