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This Month in Cyber Security (Asia): January 2016

29 January, 2016

Here’s our latest roundup of cybersecurity news and events happening in Asia. Cyber Crime/Attacks: Singapore Health Ministry warns of Phishing Email Scam on its Website Hyatt… Read more

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DigiCert SSL Certificate Checker

27 January, 2016

DigiCert® SSL Installation Diagnostics Tool checks on SSL certificate installation and detect known vulnerabilities associated with SSL in the server. A one-step process that lists all… Read more

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Configuring SSL Certificate to Comply with PCI DSS 3.1

22 January, 2016

PCI DSS 3.1 is the latest version released as a guideline to maintain payment security for merchants where cardholder’s data are stored, processed or transmitted. In… Read more

digicert root

What is Root Certificate in SSL?

20 January, 2016

In every Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate, there is a certification path that dictates the source of the digital certificate and this can ultimately be traced… Read more

data breach

How to Prevent A Credit Card Data Breach

15 January, 2016

Contactless payments are in demand for its fast, convenient and hassle free transactions. With an average of 3.3 cards per individual, your business will lose out… Read more

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