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free ssl

The Risk in Free SSL Certificates

23 October, 2015

Free Domain Validated SSL certificates are dangerous and don’t live up to its security expectations with its low level of authentication. Seeing the word ‘FREE’ excites… Read more


Netcraft Study: Phishing Sites with Valid SSL certificates

21 October, 2015

Phishing is an attempt by fraudulent attackers to acquire sensitive information from individuals. This information includes and not limited to, users names, passwords and credit card… Read more

ssl endpoint

Part 2: SSL Endpoint Vulnerabilities

16 October, 2015

In this second half of SSL endpoint vulnerabilities, we look into the remaining vulnerabilities that were not covered from Part 1: SSL Endpoint Vulnerabilities. This post… Read more

ssl endpoint

Part 1: SSL Endpoint Vulnerabilities

14 October, 2015

Following our introduction on SSL endpoints (The Truth about SSL Certificate) and the steps needed to configure SSL endpoint vulnerabilities, we’ll now look into detail what… Read more

ssl endpoints

The Truth about SSL Certificate

9 October, 2015

Discover the vulnerabilities behind SSL certificate and what is needed to fully protect your website.  Let’s say you purchased a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate, created… Read more

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