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More than 115,000 happy customers


Cyber Secure Asia is an official partner of DigiCert Inc.




DigiCert SSL certificate and digital certificate products are trusted by over 115,000 customers around the world, ranging from big to small coming from every industry (e-commerce, financial, education, government).

Thousands of organizations such as Facebook, Paypal, Wikipedia –  all trust DigiCert certificates.




Our Features 


Cyber Secure Asia is committed to providing high-assurance web security solutions and prides ourselves in exceptional customer support. Knowing us in detail would better allow you to distinguish our differences from others and select us as your trusted provider.



Excellent Customer Support

We provide technical support serving the South East Asia region.

Security is our Priority

We offer only the highest 2048-Bit Certificates with SHA-256 encryption – the standard for web security

Secure Trust Seal

At no extra cost, each certificate issued assures the use of DigiCert’s secure site seal

Compatible & Trusted by all Major Browsers

DigiCert SSL certifications are issued under one of the oldest and most widely supported roots in the industry.

Fast Issuance

Security is vital to us. That is why we deliver our certificates in the shortest time possible.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

No purchase is complete until full satisfaction. We will refund the full purchase price if you are unsatisfied.

SSL Certificate Encryption & Authentication


SSL Certificates from DigiCert are designed to meet whatever needs you may have


WildCard Plus

Total Domain Protection


per year

Secures entire website

Issued in minutes

30-Day Guarantee


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Trusted Green Bar


per year

Highest visitor trust

Increase Conversion Rates

30-Day Guarantee


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Fast & Economical


per year

Secures a single page

Issued in minutes

30-Day Guarantee


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What Our Customers Say


With the new EV, we received many positive feedback online. People have mention to us that they spotted the https and DigiCert site seal, giving them the confidence and ease to continue shopping on our website.

Elpis Financial

Overall the experience with Cyber Secure Asia was great. I managed to get the answers I need, particularly on the use of multi-domain certificate for multiple servers. The setup process was also painless for all our servers.

Nerb Media

Thankfully everything went well from start to finish and I was surprised I got my certificate in a day. If you’re looking for a ssl provider in Singapore, Cyber Secure is one to consider.

   DigiCert VS. Competitors

    How does DigiCert’s SSL Plus compare with other single SSL Certificates?

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Secure Site
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* Prices from official websites on January 1, 2016
** As of January 1, 2016